How do we fight malnutrition?

One of the core tasks of the "Dennis Foundation" is helping malnourished children. Many of them are in a stage of marasmus, which is a severe form of malnutrition, causing bodily decay, development disorders and causes even death (see Background Information: Malnutrition). The reasons for malnutrition are different. In some cases the mother has died or disappeared, and the infant's extended family feeds the child with solid food, which it cannot use it in its early age. The result is a severe lack of nutrients. In other cases the mother is sick, for example, infected with HIV or hepatitis, and therefore does not want to nurse her baby with her breast milk. The consequences are the same: Wrong nutrition which leads to severe deficiency symptoms. In each of the cases the families do not know how one could replace the nutrients, which are inherited in breast milk and additionally they lack money to buy special baby food.

The "Dennis Foundation" helps infants directly by providing weekly rations of infant formula and at the same time controlling the development of children. Additionally, we educate mother's alternative ways to provide their newborns necessary nutrients. After the nutrient deficiency has been corrected and there is no future danger for the development of the child the support ends. Mostly this is after the sixth month, when solid food can be added. In the period of support we also help in with medical treatments, since malnutrition and other diseases often go together. In case of diseases the child receives the necessary medical support. However, also without any serious disease we try to prevent these by educating the mothers, specifically about risk reduction and the importance of health insurance to use of medical system.

Nutrient Support

Dennis Foundation discovered in the past several cases of malnutrition and helped the infants out of their situation by supporting them with nutrients and medicals. In addition we created awareness in the family for these cases. In the following list you can read these case studies of the past years.

Year: 2007
Duration: 1 Year

Abokumh's mother was 12 years old when she got birth to her. Her father died and the young mother did not have money to take care of her child. That led to underweight. We supported the infant with infant milk and additional food, like rice and corn. In this way we prevented the child to get seriously malnourished. In addition we taught her mother how to feed her child and highlighted the importance for her child to go to school.

Year: 2009
Duration: 6 Monts

Zuberu was severely malnourished and had hernia. He was six months when we discovered him. because his mother was an alcoholic. In his early months he got less breast milk, which was additionally also poisoned by alcohol. That is why he was in the stage of marasmus when we discovered him, because the lack of nutrients and was vomiting trough his nose, because of the poisoned milk. We bought infant formula to supplement his lack of breast milk and additionally fed him with cereals, like corn and rice. Furthermore we got a health insurance for him and went several times to the hospital to treat different infections, which accomplished the malnutrition. unfortunally we did not had the money for the operation of his hernia.

Today the lack of nutrients is passed, but he still needs support for his operation and therefore to strengthen his immune system.

Year: 2010
Duration: 15 Months

Adam was in the stage of marasmus, because his mother did not feed him properly, which led to a severe lack of nutrients. He was 9 months when we discovered him. Immediately we started to supplement his nutrition with infant formula, cereals and sometimes also meat. We brought him to the hospital to treat infections, which accomplished the stage of marasmus and made a health insurance for him, to get further medical support.

Since he is still not going to school there is still a lot of work left to ensure education for him and convince his mother to support her son in education and nutrition.

Year: 2011
Duration: 2 Years

Kweku was 8 months when we discovered him. He was underweighted and did not get enough food to eat. His mother is sick of goiter and was not able to get work, because of her sickness and her baby. So there was no chance that Kweku will get enough food in the future. We helped him and her mother to buy food for her and her child, got him some clothes and ensured in this way that the nutrition situation of the boy did not worsen.

Today he is living with his mother in a small cabin, mostly on the street. Just right now we try to save some money to ensure for him to go to school in the future.

Year: 2012
Duration: 1 Year

Lisa was born three months too early. Her young mother could not cope with this task and left her newborn child. Since the early birth and the bad support Lisa was underweighted and because nobody took care of her the situation could only worsen. We took her to our home and cared for her since then. She got a place to live and caring people in our home. We look that her nutrition is appropriate and she develops till today very well.

Year: 2013
Duration: 1 Month

Edith was months and sick of marasmus when we discovered her. Immediately we started to support her with food supplements and diapers. Unfortunately the mother refused the help, left the city for some time and we did not have any contact to here since then.

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How do we help children in education?

Education is huge value and is seen by many Ghanaians as an important contribution to the development of their country. Access to basic education is supposed to be free for everyone. Nevertheless, many children do not have access, because they cannot afford to buy necessary books or the mandatory school uniform.

For this reason some children take, besides their house work in the family, additional hard work, to get some money for school. Nevertheless this limits the quality of life, affects the development and the school performance of the children, in many cases abortion of school is the result. As a consequence they lose a lot of future opportunities.

The "Dennis Foundation" draws on the assumption that education is a basis to improve the individual situation as well as conditions in the whole community. Education makes it possible to approach to issues such as health, hygiene and environmental protection. At the same time it opens up future perspectives for the children and widens their view over the current horizon of consciousness. So our task is to help needy children by offering them the basic things, which makes it possible for them to attend school. Additionally we also try to clarify for the children's families of which great importance their education is and that they have to support their children in the future with all their strength.

Additionally we always try to have some time for homework assistance in or projects, to encourage the children's understanding of the learned issues.

Awudu Ibrahim , Subaru Ibrahim and Kalimatu Ibrahim

Auwudi, Subaru and Kaimatu are 12 years, 7 years and 4 years respectively.

Marry Dennis with Awudu and his Auntie.

Awudu's first day at school

These are reciept of school fee payment made by Dennis Foundation.

Their mother, a single parent finds it very difficult to make a hand-to-mouth living, not talk of taking her children through school.
Now Dennis Foundation takes care of these children, enrolling them in school and taking care of their major needs.

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School Materials

Besides the emergency work with malnourished children Dennis Foundation cares also further about the development of the children. One of the core tasks in this area is to ensure an access to education. Therefore we helped in the past years different children, to pay the school fees as well as providing them books, pencil and school uniforms.


Dennis Foundation took care of Abokumah when she was malnourished as infant. When she grew up we helped her to go to school, by paying for the entrance fee for school. Furthermore, we convinced her mother about the importance to support her child to go to school. Today Abokumah is going to school and we are looking forward to ensure that this does not change.

Year: 2004
Duration: 12 Years

Nana's mother was finding it difficult to take care of her child, because of single parenthood. This made it difficult for her to provide him a proper living place, food and Lack of education. Therefore Dennis Foundation started to help Nana when he was three years old. He got a sleeping place at our home; we provided him food and paid for his school fees, his school uniform and items. Nana is still living with us and also enjoys his education. From time to time he visits his mother, which is also living in Cape Coast.

Year: 2005
Duration: 8 Years

Aisha is now 8 years old. Her mother past away after her birth and her young father could not take care of her, since he was not working, so things was hard for him. Because of the death of her mother, Aisha became malnutrition because she didn't have enough food to eat. Dennis Foundation prevented this by taking her into our family. There she was fed with the necessary nutrients and later got the chance to go to school. We paid for her school fees, books, pencils and school uniform. She is living now in our family over 8 years and enjoying her school education and living place. From time to time she visit her father. We are looking forward for her to develop further in this way.

Duration: Years

Hannah is 10 years and she lives in our family. She does not have a nutritional problem, but her parents live far away in a small village. To get the chance for good education wasn't that easy for her so she is living in our family. Dennis foundation is supporting her with necessary school items, school fees food and a sleeping place. She is helping a lot in the house. We are very proud that Hannah is successfully attending Wesley Methodist Girls School, one of the best public schools in Ghana. And she sometimes visits her parent.

Duration: Year

Kobby is 5 years old, and he lives in our family since he was infant. Kobby was underweight because he did not have enough breast milk and other nutrient to help him grow well he is living in our family and Dennis Foundation is supporting him with the necessary nutrient to help him grow well, he is enjoying his education we provide his school item and we pay for his school fees.


How does sports come in?

Sports in general is a part of culture. Different kinds of sport activities, the rules and the surrounding in which they are exposed is always accomplished by certain cultural practices. In addition sports also supports dynamics of group building and solidarity. It offers for many Ghanaians a distraction of everyday struggle and opens hopes and dreams for the future.

Especially football in Ghana is one of the greatest passion in life. Almost everybody supports a Ghanaian team and a foreign team. Besides playing on the streets and doing small tournaments and contests is a main part of free time activity. We admire the strength and passion of football in Ghana, but concentrate on aspects of emancipation and diversity. Because, especially football, is embedded in the Ghanaian culture as a activity for men. Therefore, to propose equality and emancipation already in a young years, we support for example women-football, by starting projects where small girls get trained. Furthermore we promote also different kinds of sport activities to implement a bigger variety of different sports.

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1. Mouth Guards
2. Boots
3. Jerseys
4. Training Balls and Match Balls

1. School Exchange Program
2. Referee Course
3. Coaching Course

1. Rugdy Academy
2. Club House
3. Education & Vocational Studies.

Volunteeres are needed for Rugdy training program in cape coast for schools and clubs in communities.
1. Training Monday at PQGS Time - 8:00AM TO 10AM,
2. ST MONICA"S 10:45AM TO 11:20AM

Wednesday :
2. ST MONICA"S 9:45AM TO 10:15AM
3. ZION A&D: 12PM TO 1PM

1. PQGS 8AM- 10AM

Friday Schools Training:
1. Philip Quaque girls school 8AM TO 1:45PM
3. ST MONICA'S 8:35AM TO 9:10AM
5. Presby JHS 9AM TO 10PM
6. Philip Quaque Boys 1PM TO 1:45PM


Homestay means residing in the community. The host family provides you with a well furnish room, electricity, portable water and if you want also three meals daily; breakfast, lunch, supper. The food consumption is based on well cooked nourishing balance local and international dishes.

Dennis Foundation homeastay is very rewarding since it gives you the opportunity to know Ghanaian people and their culture. Besides the host family serves you as a good medium to learn how to prepare local dishes or learn how to speak the local language.

Individual Homestay

If you want to visit Cape Coast and want to get to know Dennis Foundation as well as the community around we can arrange a homestay for you in the time you are staying here. You will live at a local family's house, experience Ghanaian everyday life and get deep sights into the culture. Individual homestay is a very flexible program, which offers you not only a sleeping place, but a place to live. Staying at a Ghanaian host family offers you a totally different view as you will get staying in a hotel. Besides you meet some hospitable, open and friendly people, who are pleased to show you their city with all small and sometimes hidden places.

Prices per Night / Individual
Bed GH ¢ -
Bed & Breakfast GH ¢ -
Bed & Two Meals GH ¢ -
Bed & Three Meals GH ¢ -
For stays longer than one month please contact us to arrage a special price.

If you are interested please contact us before you come, so that we can arrange all wha you need. Otherwise you can come at the day you arrive to our place (see our adress) and we will try to organize something for you.

Group Homestay

Dennis Foundation homestay is not only available for individuals. If you are traveling in a small group of 2-4 people we will arrange one host family for you, just like for individual travelers. Please contact us before if it is possible, or come around and we will arange something for you.

Prices per Nigh and Person / Small Groups
Bed GH ¢ -
Bed & Breakfast GH ¢ -
Bed & Two Meals GH ¢ -
Bed & Three Meals GH ¢ -
For stays longer than one month please contact us to arrage a special price.

However if you are traveling in a big group, over 4 people the homestay opportunity is available too. In this case you will have to split into smaller groups and get different host families in our community. Therefore everybody of you will have different experiences in their host families, will visit different places in the city and make friends with different Ghanaians. You may choose to cook and eat in your groups in the families or we may arrange for you all together traditional food three times a day at one certain place. Additionally we are open to guide you through the community or city and give you an impression what life in Ghana means.

If you are interested in the group homestay for bigger groups please contact us at least two weeks before, because it takes some time to arrange it. In addition you can tell us how you want your stay to be arranged, which activities you want to do and which help or advice you need for your stay. The prices will be also arranged with you, depending on your group and your needs.

Traditional Coocking

You have a home in cape coast but want to get to know the Ghanaian kitchen, the dishes and the way they are traditionally prepared. In this case you should attend the Dennis foundation traditional cooking program.

You can attend the cooking program individually, in a small group or in a big group. It is up to you to choose which dish you want to cook and how much time you choose to spend with us cooking; be aware that cooking in Ghana for a big group and different dished may take a whole day. However, you may attend the program as long as you desire, experience the traditional way of cooking and try yourself to use special cooking utensils and feel the taste of fresh food prepared and eaten with your own hands; Experience Ghanaian culture through your stomach.

If you are interested please contact us some days before you want to cook, so that we can plan the dish, the time and buy the ingridients. We will also give advice to you which dishes you may cook, how they are and how long it will take. Besides we will talk about the group size and the price for igridients. We are looking forard to spend a nice day with you.

What is the importance of culture?

Culture is an expression of identity and tradition, which includes a variety of structures that determine the daily coexistence. The "Dennis Foundation" wants to show children and teenagers these traditions as part of their identity and tries to develop the knowledge and skills in this area. Therefore we offer traditional dance, sports, painting, woodwork, music, instrument making and creative crafting.

The benefits of this pograms

These programs, which are organized as workshops, are a free time offer for children and youths. In addition it is a possibility for the kids to explore their interests and deepen their skills. At the same time the program is a framework for children and youths where they can talk with friends and us about their problems, requests and questions about their family or their current life situation. Especially the latter is a fundamentally important offering for character development and quality of life. It is an offer which is often denied in their families.

Finally, we combine the cultural program with diverse offers for exchange. It includes the collaboration of volunteers from all around the world in the projects. In addition we offer for interested tourists' homestay places in the community and try to establish youth exchange programs. Our aim is to create an understanding for different cultures, but also to promote a playing with culture and to encourage children for creative innovations.

Bakery project for school of special disabilities started in November 2015, amount needed $4500 amount received $500 amount left $4000 to pay for the place. Need to be renovate the place before before end of February 2017 or the payments for the rent of the site will expired soon. Any urgent help will go a long we to help the student of the school of special disabilities to learn how to make some trade and not to feel rejected and feel sence of empowerment in the society where they belong.

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Long Term Projects

Dennis foundation educational and recreational centre to set up $350000 school with modern technology and health care facilities, where the youths and kids can learn from. You can donate money, a block or a bag of cement for the project every month to keep the dream alive.

This is an on-going project. We pay school fees and feed street kids or kids without parents. For a term, $250 for child. We have being doing it and we need more helping hands to be able to secure the future of our young leaders.

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